Professional Flooring Consultants


From sales through installation and care, having a flooring professional by your side will take the worry out of your new floor.

A new floor or carpet is one of the most costly, disruptive, and time consuming changes you can make in your home or business.  There are many important DECISIONS along the way that may require more knowledge and experience than you have.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for MISTAKES, too.  Things can (and often do) go very wrong, from selecting a product that fails to meet your needs, to installation mistakes that can void your warranty.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you: 


Berber or Saxony? Bamboo or oak? Scratch proof or scratch resistant? With so many choices to make when selecting your new floor or carpet, it's hard to know what's best. We can assess your needs and guide you to the flooring product that's right for YOU.


Installation mistakes are made every day that can create major disruption to your home or business, and even void your warranty. We can help you select an installer and supervise the installation process with you. 


As owner, you have significant responsibilities during and after installation of your new floor or carpet. We will review your warranty with you and alert you to potential problems.

Before you choose your flooring or carpet, choose Accurate Flooring Inspections for the BEST flooring experience you can have. Call today for a free phone consultation!

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